Sunday, 29 January 2012

Great website where you work with big companies and you make money

Members can also benefit of 4 extra membership bonuses on how to :

  • Get paid to write articles
  • Get paid to read emails                               Make money
  • Get paid to eat out
  • Get paid to be a secret shopper              
Here’s exactly how the system works:
The process is really simplified; you log into your account and then register with the companies on the Paid Survey Database. From there you sit and wait for surveys to come in. When you match the companies criteria you will be asked to complete a survey and get paid for your opinion. What I did is that I created a new email account only for my surveys registration, just not to have my personnal mailbox full of surveys offers.

Surveys example:
Yesterday I took a survey for the Stella Artois company. I had to watch their latest tv commercial and to answer some questions related to the video like:
  • After you have watch the video, are you more likely to buy the product?
  • After you have watch the video, would you recommend the product to your friends?
  • Did you already see the commercial before?
  • Etc…
And after I finished it (10 minutes), I had a free participation to a 5000$ sweepstakes. Maybe I did not make any instant money but a chance to win 5000$ for 10 minutes of my time, it’s pretty amazing.

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